Customer Testimonials

Awesome product. Adam was great to work with and helped me estimate the number of bags I would need for our front flower beds. It’s been over a month since we installed it. Looks awesome, No fading, and looking forward to not having to mulch again for many years!

Jason Merryman

The guys were incredibly pleasant to work with!! They were very patient with my 9 million questions and answered every one! I love that I was kept informed of the progress every step of the way and the finished product looks fabulous!! Looking forward to years of very little maintenance of my flower beds!!

Valarie Cox

I had Magic Mulch installed over 6 months ago and I absolutely love it, still! My black mulch looks amazing, still after 6 months, and shows no sign of fading at all. I have had numerous neighbors complement me on it. Additionally, it seems to stay put very well, even through multiple storms and a tornado! I got it b/c I was lazy and didn’t want to mulch again but it also has multiple other benefits — my pest control company said it’s great at preventing terminte infestation, even people who have bad allergies won’t have a reaction to this mulch, and it’s a lot easier to handle than the traditional wood mulch (no splinters!). I laid landscaping felt underneath and after 6 months have only had to pull a few weeds (and these popped up in the few areas where felt wasn’t laid). On top of it all, Chris and the rest of the Magic Mulch team are super friendly and helpful. I have nothing but praise for this product and company!
Clarissa Tatum

Great customer service. Competitive pricing and it is a great product. Highly recommend!

Amiee Martin Smith

My wife and I came to their Open House Tailgate and I must say, Chris and his staff are the best. They were very knowledgeable, very helpful, very friendly and not to mention they host a heck of a “tailgate.” We love our black landscaping Magic Mulch! Everyone should make the switch!
Ryan Miller

Awesome people. Great product.
Deborah Miller

I could not be happier with my results after an install of Magic Mulch. I highly recommend calling for a fair estimate. You know it’s good when the neighbors walk over to ask where I got my mulch.
Kirk Thomas

Just put it down and it looks great. A bag goes a lot further than expected.
Jason Holbert

This is a great way to recycle – and it saves $$$ and time spent mulching your flower beds each year!!
Carmen Davis

Very pleased with the black mulch. It spreads easily and looks great. Adam is a pleasure to deal with, good communication and quick delivery.

Douglas Laman

Just wanted to take a minute to write about my experience with Magic Mulch in Chattanooga. I have spent a lot of money over the years refreshing our natural mulch each year not to count the labor to spread it. I decided to take a look at the Magic Mulch product to try to reduce the yearly outlay for natural mulch. Even though the price is a little higher to start, we made the decision to go with the product which has a 10 year warranty with the hope of not doing the natural mulch each year. Adam showed up on schedule and went above and beyond my expectations on all aspects of the job. I place the landscaping mat before his installation of the product and he did the rest. I went with the black mulch and it looks great. I am on a steep hill and the mulch has not moved and we have had several hard rains and wind since the installation. I would highly recommend this produce and the Magic Mulch folks in Chattanooga to anyone considering replacing their natural mulch with this product.

Wayne Robertson

I have been more than satisfied with magic mulch. It has lived up to its guarantees and them some. Yes it is an investment up front but I literally do not have to worry about my whole backyard for the next 10 years. I have had many compliments and surprise from people that it is recycled material because it looks like real mulch. It hasn’t moved an inch since being laid even after heavy rainstorms and the color has not faded at all in the hot direct sunlight. I would hardly recommend this product. It is well worth the investment.

Jessica Hales

Noah's Arch

My husband and I built a playground for our grandson. We first went to Home Depot for the rubber mulch. We were spending a fortune on tiny bags and decided to look elsewhere. We discovered Magic Mulch and they truly saved us. They have a far superior product to Home Depot at a much lower cost. We liked their playground mulch so much we decided to try their landscaping mulch all around our house and we love it!
Debbie Holzer

Great product for a great price!
Josh Brummerstedt

Great local company, the guys are very helpful and friendly!¬†This is the best mulch! Our neighbor couldn’t tell the difference between ours and hers!
Michelle Carnes

I love that this mulch is good for the environment and it looks better and lasts a long time in the long run it’s cheaper too..nice home filling when you get it and everything definitely recommend to anyone.
Victor Luna

The yard is looking so much better than with hardwood mulch!
Katrina Treadway Aberdeen

I love Magic Mulch! They have a great product, wonderful customer service and great pricing. I recommend the product and company to everyone in the Knoxville and Chattanooga markets.
Scottie Neil

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