Playground Mulch

ADA Compliant

Easy to Install

IPEMA Certified for Playground Use

What is playground Magic Mulch?

Our playground rubber mulch is made of 100% recycled rubber. Our rubber playground mulch is 99.99% metal free and meets IPEMA requirements for playground safety. It is also ADA compliant. Our mulch is easy to install and requires next to no maintenance.



  • Does not attract termites, carpenter ants or other harmful insects
  • Won’t fade, rot, compress, or lose its original beauty
  • Non toxic, odorless and provides a clean play surface
  • IPEMA Certified to ASTM 1292 for playground use
  • 99.99% metal free
  • Made from environmentally friendly materials reviewed by the EPA
  • Provides a soft surface to help keep children safe on the playground
  • Creates a pliable, resilient surface to help reduce the stress on joints and bones

How long will it last?

12 Year Total Color Loss Guarantee


Is it clean?

Our playground Magic Mulch is the cleanest play surface around. It does not rub off on skin or clothes and it is water resistant.


What is the coating?

The polyurethane organic dye is a special rubber bond paint that will not rub off on skin or clothes. We guarantee this for 12 years and it is likely to last longer. The coating will help keep the mulch cooler during the summer months.

What colors does it come in?

Black Playground Mulch


Dyed Black Nugget

Dyed Black

Brown Playground Mulch


Blue Playground Mulch


Red Playground Mulch


The Brown, Red and Blue is color coated with a polyurethane paint. This paint does not wash or rub off and is guaranteed to hold its color for 10 years.

Magic Mulch Customer Testimonials

My husband and I built a playground for our grandson. We first went to Home Depot for the rubber mulch. We were spending a fortune on tiny bags and decided to look elsewhere. We discovered Magic Mulch and they truly saved us. They have a far superior product to Home Depot at a much lower cost. We liked their playground mulch so much we decided to try their landscaping mulch all around our house and we love it!
Debbie Holzer

I had Magic Mulch installed over 6 months ago and I absolutely love it, still! My black mulch looks amazing, still after 6 months, and shows no sign of fading at all. I have had numerous neighbors complement me on it. Additionally, it seems to stay put very well, even through multiple storms and a tornado! … The Magic Mulch team are super friendly and helpful. I have nothing but praise for this product and company!
Clarissa Tatum