Common Questions

Is Rubber Mulch safe?

Rubber mulch is non-toxic and reviewed by the EPA.


Does Rubber Mulch have an odor?

When first opening a bag there is a light odor that soon disappears after installation. We have mulch displayed in our store and have no trouble with odor.


How long will it last?

When installed properly the mulch will stay put and remain beautiful for years. The rubber will not compact or rot. We guarantee the mulch will not lose color for at least 12 years. Follow our simple installation methods or just have us put it in for you.

Is it expensive?

The initial cost is higher than wood mulch. Check out our cost comparison, the savings over time are amazing and the best part is the mulching task is over!


What about maintenance?

The mulch is virtually maintenance free. Leaves and grass clippings can be lightly blown or raked off the surface when dry because the rubber is heavier than the leaves and grass. It also will not float or blow away


Will my plants be affected?

Rubber mulch does not add or take anything from the soil. Water and nutrients pass right through to the soil below. Insects are reduced because the mulch is not a food source.

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