Shredded Mulch

What is Magic Mulch?

Magic Mulch is a 100% recycled product made from rubber. The rubber is proceed in such a way to mimic the look of real wood mulch.

How long does it last?

Magic Mulch rubber does not break down, disintegrate, erode, or biodegrade. The natural black, which mimics the look of midnight black wood mulch, is likely to last forever. The brown and red mulch is coated with a polyurethane paint and is guaranteed to hold its color for 12 years. The paint will not wash or rub off.

How is it installed?

We sell our mulch in 40lb and 2,000lb Bags. We recommend laying a fabric weed blocker down before installing the mulch. This will not only help prevent weeds from growing, but will also protect the mulch from sinking into loose soil over the 12+ year duration. If you chose to use a fabric, however, make sure you secure it very well with fabric pins to ensure it does not ride up and show. We also recommend some sort of edging or border to prevent wash away due to flooding.


Is it hard to maintain?

Magic Mulch is a very low maintenance product. Once your product is laid and contained with the proper boarders it is likely to look beautiful in your beds for years and years to come, a “one and done for you’re landscaping needs”. If you get leaves in the mulch you must use a leaf blower on the lowest setting to remove them. Keep the leaf blower approximately 2 feet away from the mulch and never use a higher power setting.

What colors does it come in?

Black Shredded Mulch


Brown Shredded Mulch


Red Shredded Mulch


Magic Mulch Customer Testimonials

My husband and I built a playground for our grandson. We first went to Home Depot for the rubber mulch. We were spending a fortune on tiny bags and decided to look elsewhere. We discovered Magic Mulch and they truly saved us. They have a far superior product to Home Depot at a much lower cost. We liked their playground mulch so much we decided to try their landscaping mulch all around our house and we love it!
Debbie Holzer

I had Magic Mulch installed over 6 months ago and I absolutely love it, still! My black mulch looks amazing, still after 6 months, and shows no sign of fading at all. I have had numerous neighbors complement me on it. Additionally, it seems to stay put very well, even through multiple storms and a tornado! … The Magic Mulch team are super friendly and helpful. I have nothing but praise for this product and company!
Clarissa Tatum